Letter from our Syrian intern: “Get refugees to work! It saved me”


Many people are thinking of different ways to help refugees and ways to integrate them with the German society.  In my own experience I found, that the best way is to integrate them through making them feel valuable again, by giving them a chance to work. Refugees who fled their country because of war, have lost their jobs and their future. Many of them feel, that staying in the camp doing nothing, is a waste of time, years of their life just passing by without doing anything! All they have, is thinking about how their life was before war.

In spring 2016 I started an internship with Contract Company for three months, in these three months I have learnt a lot. The internship didn’t only help me to develop my experience but also it helped me to develop my own personality. I was able to attend different business trainings with Contract, which added a lot to my experience. In addition to the daily communication with the employees, that helped me to improve my German language and to share different cultures views.

In my opinion, giving the refugees the chance to work and get experience about how business goes in Germany, is the best way of integration. It is a way of communication between the two cultures. Refugees will understand the laws and procedures in Germany and they will be able to develop their experience and get a job to support themselves. It will enable them to build a career and to get a clear view about which domain of business they want to proceed in. In addition to the business relation they can build through the internship, which will allow them to find a job in the future.  They will be more self-confident and they will be able to build their countries after war. In my point of view this is the biggest help from companies.

After my three months of internship I applied for a job and I got it. Today I am independent again and through paying taxes. I will be able to give back the money Germany spent on me through my refugee status. So getting refugees to work, gives the interest to the two parties – Germany and the Refugees. A lot of refugees are waiting for a chance like an internship; I think more companies should and could offer this kind of help.

Dikra Algburi