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Working Agile

What is it about? Working agile is relevant for you and your organisation if you: want and need to react faster to dynamic market developments, want to deal more easily with unpredictability and complexity, are confronted with the New Work ideas and expectations of your well-trained employees, reach the limits of growth and management as […]


Coaching is a true form of self- reflection, self-development, and self-guidance. Whether individuals have management responsibility or not, they are taking advantage of professional coaching for questions and issues within and outside the work environment as well. Our coaches are working with the mindset of “helping people to help themselves” and they maintain a high […]


The CONTRACT KG was founded in 1991. The legal form of our limited partnership makes it clear that we are responsible for our services without “ifs and buts”. You are facing a challenge; you want to create something new and are looking for a clear path to begin. You want to use your ideas but […]

Human Resource Development

Companies are led by people and come to life as a result of people. Qualified and motivated employees, who work in the right place, are the key to success. Personnel development is a chance to help these employees to acquire the skills and abilities they need to fulfill their tasks well and in a motivated […]

Organizational Development

To repeatedly reinvent yourself under changing conditions and still to be true to yourself is a critical factor for successful organizations.

Our International Programs

International Programs We develop customized programs for global companies. Key Player Programs Leadership Core Performance Programs Talent Programs Pick your focus topics Our References Some examples driven by CONTRACT to get ready for the future. Leadership Program for Daimler AG Leadership Program for United Internet AG Leadership Development for Trivago Leadership Program for Education Foundation […]

Strategic Human Resource Development

People are the most important resource in an organization and the best of the best are competitively sought after by all companies. We support you with a strategic personnel development that helps your employees and secures the future of your company. From your business and organization objectives we establish the needs for personnel and qualifications […]