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Call a Coach

Digital coaching powered by CONTRACT. PROFESSIONAL. Coaching by our experienced and competent CONTRACT consultants on professional and personal topics. FLEXIBLE. Conveniently by telephone, video conference or face to face in one of our offices. PERSONALLY. Coaching is a matter of trust – and that is how we deal with it! Experienced and certified coaches All […]

Call a Coach for companies

Coaching for your key players – helpful and highly effective Coaching is an effective investment in your employees and managers. The key players in your company can be further developed through coaching and receive exactly the support they need. The positive effect of coaching on individual and organizational performance has been scientifically confirmed by extensive […]

Call a Coach for Individuals

Coaching supports you in your personal development. Coaching is useful if you need an opportunity to reflect, for instance if you need to evaluate challenges or prepare decisions – in other words, if you want to sort out your thoughts and benefit from an external sparring partner. Coaching supports your self-reflection and self-control, it broadens […]

Strategy development in a VUCA World

What is it about? Delegates will be engaged up-to-date perspectives and approaches in strategic development and in learning ways to cope with business challenges implied by the VUCA world.  They will gain insights into different models and methods of strategic development and apply them on their own business. By experiencing the VUCA world and trying […]

Entrepreneurial acting

What is it about? Based on the ever-changing and complex business context that requires more flexibility, responsibility and entrepreneurial action in different parts and on different levels of an organization, the workshop focuses on entrepreneurial collaboration, shared and individual responsibility and initiative and how to really make entrepreneurial decisions in a complex organization. Develop the profitability […]

Take your choice

What is it about? Participants will learn the handling of complexity on a case study. They will reflect on exemplary approaches to complex actions and decision-making situations. They will also develop a understanding of the effects and how to deal with them. They will be enabled to find solutions for their own complex topic and […]

Keep on changing

What is it about? Participants will learn about the dynamics in change processes and identify important levers, for actively shaping change processes. They get to know suitable communication formats in order to set up a change process as well. In addition, they will reflect on their willingness to change, try out new exercises and receive feedback. […]

Tell it like it is

What is it about? From concept to presentation, participants will acquire the ability to prepare analyses in a target-group-oriented manner and to translate them into modern presentation settings. They will reflect on personal qualities in order to create effective presentations and learn rhetorical techniques. They will also receive intensive feedback on their presentations. This training […]

Going digital

What is it about? The Going Digital Training lets people become aware of opportunities and risks associated with digitilisation and develop specific personal actions that enable them to tap into its opportunities. The training is based on the development and exchange of specific ideas for the digital support of individual and collaborative work processes. In this workshop […]