Category: Organizational Development

Change & Transition

Every change process is unique in its own way; it is determined by the current need for action, by the industry and its environment as well as the people involved. The consultant world responds with a toolbox full of models, methods, and measures that help manage the change process. The problem is the customer easily […]

Vision, Mission, Strategy and Culture

Vision, Mission and Strategy provide orientation in our work place and promote independence and self-motivation to perform. A company that lives by its character, its culture, and its values, will make better decisions and be typically more stable in difficult times. This process is especially true, if vision, mission, and strategy were developed utilizing systemic […]

Team Development

A team, a goal, and off we go! Now what? Team work is demanding. It is not enough to merely bring together the best. You need motivation and competence to work constructively with each other. Poor cooperation does not only cost money, it also hurts the working atmosphere. In the worst case, it could shipwreck […]

Merger / Post Merger Integration

The potential of a merger or an acquisition is either won or lost in the process of implementation. What is crucial for success is the integration of people, structures, processes, cultures and ways of thinking. There is no simple solution, every situation is different. For this complex task, we offer you a broad knowledge base […]

Coaching in a System

Coaching is a true form of self- reflection, self-development, and self-guidance. Whether individuals have management responsibility or not, they are taking advantage of professional coaching for questions and issues within and outside the work environment as well. Our coaches are working with the mindset of “helping people to help themselves” and they maintain a high […]

Working Agile

What is it about? Working agile is relevant for you and your organisation if you: want and need to react faster to dynamic market developments, want to deal more easily with unpredictability and complexity, are confronted with the New Work ideas and expectations of your well-trained employees, reach the limits of growth and management as […]