How We Work


Methods are serving to elevate the quality of the process and the results. They are never an end in itself. That’s how we work.

We work with methods of the Management Sciences and complement this perspective with human and organization-oriented approaches, in particular the Transactional Analysis and the Systemic Approach.

Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transaction Analysis is one of the schools of the Humanistic Psychology. It was founded by Erik Berne in the 50s and 60s. One of his most famous students was Fanita English, who has significantly developed the TA and whom we have been closely connected with for years. See

The TA can be applied to both communication situations and to personal or organizational behavior. It facilitates the analysis and provides ideas for options for a change. We like to employ the TA, because this approach allows both consultant and client to engage in an empowering dialogue.

It is easy to get a good grasp of the basics of TA. Therefore the clients are able to use this technique independently, for example as a follow up after a coaching.

The Systemic Approach

As in Transactional Analysis, the systemic approach also has its roots in the Humanistic Psychology.

To use a metaphor, organizations are considered as organisms with all the corresponding dynamics. Often, the image of a mobile is used to make it clear how everything is related. In addition to the functional complexity of such a system, its social complexity becomes clear. Interactions, potentials, and internal dependencies can be described effectively with this approach.

We work with the systemic approach to recognize the character of an organization, to open up the customers’ view for new options, and to create development paths.