In our work we are always considering the human side. To demonstrate this we would like to give you some insight as to what makes us tick and what “CONTRACT” means to us. What does it look like when we live our Mission Statement?

Your Concerns Are Our Concerns    

Of course we strive for success, but we do so with meaning and purpose. We also care about ethically challenging tasks, such as cost savings for a customer. It is important to us to approach every assignment with high ethical standards to better serve you, our customer. Topics such as cost savings to you are always discussed openly and we encourage these discussions, as well as any other ethically oriented issues.

After acquiring a clear understanding of the situation, we develop a road map with you the customer. In terms of content and techniques, we work with applied management science, with transactional analysis, and a systemic approach. We use our methods and techniques as flexible tools, not as rigid standards.

From the Heart

We focus on people and their personalities, who we want to meet and get to know as colleagues. This also means to deal carefully and appropriately in a transparent way with our personal preferences, to speak openly about uncomfortable findings, and to hold ourselves and others accountable.

We want to positively impact the work and living environment for everyone working at CONTRACT and have the same consideration for our customers. This includes a spirit of caring, giving, and living in abundance.  This is an outlook that we share with family, friends, our staff and of course you, the customer.

We live at CONTRACT in a culture of trust that allows us to accept failures as common learning tasks. We create an environment of shared responsibility, of open discussion, and of clear decisions.

Promote & Develop

We promote a mentality of ownership by allowing our employees to participate in various ways, contributing to the development of the company. CONTRACT is a living economic system with the objective that all participants thrive.

We are constantly developing CONTRACT as an organization as well as our staff. They are the core implementers of our work, and we take care to promote our staff to develop their own creative “CONTRACT-style” while working with our customers. This style has created the DNA that works for us. Our experience has proven to us that the exposure to our positive consulting culture is also benefiting our customers.