Call a Coach for Individuals

Coaching supports you in your personal development.

Coaching is useful if you need an opportunity to reflect, for instance if you need to evaluate challenges or prepare decisions – in other words, if you want to sort out your thoughts and benefit from an external sparring partner. Coaching supports your self-reflection and self-control, it broadens your perspective and increases your decision-making confidence.

The coaching is 100% tailored to your needs.

With Call a Coach you can rely on the expertise of our experienced CONTRACT coaches. Our coaches are specialized in specific topics and questions. With our online coach-finder you will find the right coach who matches your requirements and supports you on your development path. Simply select your topic and arrange an appointment online.

How does Call a Coach work?

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Find the right coach for you from our pool. You can find an overview of our coaches here.


  • Select a suitable time slot (30 or 60 minutes) and book your appointment easily via our online booking tool.
  • Describe your request in a few words and choose where and how you would like the coaching to happen: Via telephone, video conference or personally in one of our offices.
  • After the booking you will receive a confirmation email with all important information.
  • Payment also works very easily online or by invoice.


We know from experience that the fit between coach and coachee is crucial in coaching. Therefore, the first minutes of the coaching session allow us to get to know each other and clarify the assignment. You will then work together with your coach on the topic you have selected. If you have the feeling that the coach is not the right partner for you, you can cancel the coaching within the first 10 minutes free of charge.


Coaching fosters concrete changes. At the end of the coaching session, you agree with your coach on the next steps towards achieving your goals. These can be tasks or goals that you define and review yourself, or you can arrange a follow-up appointment with your coach to further work on the topic.


The coaching sessions and all contents are strictly confidential. For communication we use only encrypted channels without additional software directly in your browser.

Which topics can I discuss with my coach?

The topics which can be dealt with in coaching are as varied as the person itself. For us it is important to identify a topic area in the first step of coaching and to mutualy agree on a clear objective for the coaching. Our coaches are specialized in certain topics. On Our Coaches you will find an overview and can select the matching coach for your topics.

Below you will find an overview of possible topics and typical questions:

  • How do I deal with change?
  • How do I involve my employees in our change process?
  • How do I prepare myself for new tasks and situations?
  • Which methods promote the autonomy of my employees?
  • How do I effectively communicate the goals of my organization to my employees?
  • What defines me as a manager?
  • How do I come to a good decision on topic X?
  • Which solutions exist for my current problem?
  • How can I best arrange myself with a decision I have made?
  • How can I tackle the development areas from my last 360°?
  • How do I give the feedback appropriately?
  • How do I encourage my team to give more feedback?
  • What are my professional goals and how can I achieve them?
  • How do I approach my next career step?
  • How do I solve the conflict with my colleague in a sustainable way?
  • What can I do to resolve the conflict between my team members?
  • How do I get myself motivated again?
  • How can I increase the motivation in my project team?
  • How do I identify drivers and blockers among my employees and myself?
  • Should I go or stay?
  • How and where can I use my full potential?
  • What are my strenghts and how can I activate them?
  • What does my new role mean to me?
  • What are the aspects that are really important to me in a professional context?
  • How do I deal with personal crises?
  • How do I manage my nervousness?
  • What strategy should I choose for the next project meeting?
  • How do I appear to others in presentations or conversations?
  • How do I improve my time management?
  • How do I manage to make fewer careless mistakes in my work?
  • How can I optimize my own perception?
  • I am on the verge of burnout – What can I do?
  • How can I successfully combine my work and my private life?
  • How can I recognize stressors early and reduce stress symptoms?

Reality is usually too complex to be represented comprehensively by a handful of categories. Nevertheless, we work with categories in order to be able to offer you the best possible coach for your personal concerns. If you cannot assign your topic 100% to a category, select 2-3 categories which correspond the most to your topic. In the clarification meeting with your coach you can then describe the topic concretely in your own words.

Who are the Coaches in Call a Coach?

With Call a Coach our experienced CONTRACT coaches are at your disposal. All of our coaches are certified in business coaching or have many years of practical experience in coaching employees and managers. Here you find an overview of our coaches.


Coaching (60 minutes):

210 €*

60 minutes of individual coaching via telephone or video conference. Coaching in one of our offices is also possible. Please indicate with your booking if you would like a presence coaching.

Short coaching (30 minutes):

105 €*

You would like a brief consultation or a sparring partner on a specific topic or on a concrete decision you have to take? In this case we offer our brief coaching format. In 30 minutes, our coach will advise you on your current problem in a solution-oriented manner.

* For organizations sales taxes are not included in this price.  For self-payers we waive the value added tax.

Call a Coach for employees: Your employer covers the costs of your coaching. We are happy to support you in communicating with the decision-makers in your organisation.

Call a Coach for self-payers: You invest privately in your potential. We appreciate this and release self-payers from VAT.

Advantages of digital coaching


Coaching via telephone or video conference offers you some clear advantages compared to classical coaching.


You can choose the coach best matching your needs because you are not bound to regional availability.


Integrate your coaching optimally into your daily routine – our coaches are also available for you at off-peak times.


Use our online booking tool to arrange a coaching session at short notice.


There are no travel times and travel costs for you.

Of course you can also arrange an appointment in one of our offices in Cologne or Karlsruhe. Simply contact your coach directly to schedule an appointment.

What is our idea of coaching at CONTRACT?

Coaching at CONTRACT means helping people to help themselves. Our experienced coaches support you in gaining new perspectives on your problem or question and advise you according to the principle of solution-oriented coaching. We work with you at eye level and use humanistic psychology and the systemic approach as a basis. Find out more about the coaching principles at CONTRACT here.