Change & Transition

Every change process is unique in its own way; it is determined by the current need for action, by the industry and its environment as well as the people involved. The consultant world responds with a toolbox full of models, methods, and measures that help manage the change process. The problem is the customer easily loses track of the situation, and the consultants end up assuming more and more responsibility.

As a result, we have developed a model that summarizes the most important factors for the success of a change process in four fields of action. The model allows orientation even with high complexity, it directs the focus to the essentials, and ensures the transparency of the whole process.

Der Change Prozess als Modell


With a model established and a clear picture of our role, we provide support where it is needed the most. Together with you, we plan the consultant’s duties as necessary throughout the entire change process. We do not take the process out of your hands, but we support you as needed. We also provide the knowledge of how to create the best overall design for a sustainable change process.