Merger / Post Merger Integration


The potential of a merger or an acquisition is either won or lost in the process of implementation. What is crucial for success is the integration of people, structures, processes, cultures and ways of thinking. There is no simple solution, every situation is different.

For this complex task, we offer you a broad knowledge base of organizational and human resources development, which we have developed over many years with companies and non-profit organizations.

Together with you, we tackle the key challenges of integration:

  • To understand and appreciate the existing players within an organization before making changes

  • To create a design for the change process that promotes energy and confidence

  • To follow through with a flexible implementation that picks up on unexpected turns in the process and transforms potential failures into successes

Merger – and Post Merger Processes

  • Deserve our utmost attention

  • Challenge your mental flexibility

  • Need intelligent solutions that feel right

This is what CONTRACT stands to achieve.