Team Development

Methoden der Teamentwicklung

A team, a goal, and off we go! Now what? Team work is demanding. It is not enough to merely bring together the best. You need motivation and competence to work constructively with each other.

Poor cooperation does not only cost money, it also hurts the working atmosphere. In the worst case, it could shipwreck even the best project ideas. Therefore it is worthwhile to invest in team development!

Team development is a process that should be designed consciously. In every team there are different personalities, tasks, perspectives, and objectives. For them to successfully play together, a solid team spirit and a common goal are key elements.

We work with diverse approaches in our team development workshops: from the individual team diagnosis to experiential units with indoor and outdoor elements as well as working on specific issues such as communication, commitment, role clarification, and feedback culture. Our goal is to improve team cooperation and let the strengths of a team come into play.