Working Agile

Agile Organization

What is it about?

Working agile is relevant for you and your organisation if you:

  • want and need to react faster to dynamic market developments,
  • want to deal more easily with unpredictability and complexity,
  • are confronted with the New Work ideas and expectations of your well-trained employees,
  • reach the limits of growth and management as a large, complex organization, or
  • are looking for models for productive, fulfilling and meaningful work.

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The basic idea of agility:

People who behave self-responsibly and entrepreneurially work in teams with great room for manoeuvre and decision-making
collaboratively together, learn iteratively and quickly generate substantial results in the value chain.

It is well known that people who act responsibly and entrepreneurially are not only more productive but also more satisfied. In recent decades, it has been pursued in various approaches ranging from semi-autonomous group work to lean concepts. Many start-ups have rediscovered this philosophy and implemented it individually in their work culture – focusing directly on their customers.

The challenge is to align the structures to develop leadership and self-management towards the goal, to challenge the people and to support them to go this way….. and this holistically and organizationally.

We have been successfully pursuing this approach in our consulting projects for many years.


These experiences show:

  • Working agile relies on trust and communication
  • Working agile and self-organization need a clear focus and perceptible leadership.
  • Leadership in agile organizations is shared leadership
  • Self-organisation is an intensive, guided learning process
  • And: What convinces and motivates more than experiencing that one’s own contribution is indispensable for solving a common problem? We need each other for this and are therefore successful.


Our products and formats for the introduction and tuning of agile work

Each organization must develop its own agile work structure and culture. Our products are designed to support this.


Change Support Phase 0: Introduction of working agile, agile organization

  • Design the agile target map
  • Developing, adapting and widening pilots
  • Designing, establishing and accompanying suitable leadership roles with the management crew
  • Further developing framework conditions together


Team development for agile teams and self-organization

  • “Starter Kit”: Agile teamwork – culture, roles, structure, methods
  • “Tuning-Set”: We make ourselves strong – specific topics and questions


Network events for agile teams and self-organization

  • Networking of agile pilot teams, best and worst practice, shared learning
  • Culture Push and Transformation


Training Workshops “Agile in Interaction”

  • Cross-level workshops in mixed groups for networking, shared learning and follow-up



  • Leadership development: Leadership in agile processes and structures
  • Key Player Program: Taking responsibility
  • Staff training: Working agile and working in collaborative networks
  • Team Trainings: Working agile in teams with diverse professional cultures


How can you make use of this offer for yourself and your organisation? Let us get in touch with you personally.

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