Leadership development for one of the most successful start-ups in Germany

Close cooperation with trivago since 2014

Trivago is a tech company that has grown up to 1000 employees in 10 years. It has a strong identity and culture of its own. A low level of regulations and guidelines, flat hierarchies, a high level of trust and appreciation for the individual and a high degree of development opportunities for employees are the crucial reasons for the success and rapid growth of the company. Trivago considers itself an agile organisation.

CONTRACT has been supporting trivago since 2014 in the development and implementation of the trivago Leadership Development Program for the on average very young management team. CONTRACT quickly adapted to the company’s culture and aligned the training courses closely to it. The 4 modules also offer a protected space for the individual development of the participants. The success of the trainings can be seen not only in the progress of the individual participants, but also in the effects that the trainings have on the overall organization. Thus, many ideas generated in the trainings have now become an integral part of the organization.