Successful Daimler Leadership Program since 2007

CONTRACT will continue to train the new managers of Daimler AG in 2018

Together with Daimler Corporate Academy, CONTRACT has developed a leadership training program that has been rolled out worldwide and was continuously developed further for new challenges. Since 2007, several thousand new managers from all areas of Daimler AG have successfully participated. In two three-day modules, the managers deal with their new leadership role, apply leadership tools and models to their specific leadership situations, train their performance and develop their leadership personality. Self-management, leading others and leading in a system – these are the topics that run through the program, aimed at the challenging leadership tasks and change tasks of Daimler AG.

The enterprise is currently rearranging its organization and is developing leadership, structures and culture for agile, networked working forms in the digital world – and together with those responsible, we are developing the right program for this purpose. Next year again, the new managers in more than 20 German and international ranks will be prepared to be drivers of corporate change. The Leadership Program is the cornerstone of Daimler’s new leadership culture.