Our Services

Organization Development

Think of a scenario where you have lived through a period of significant changes within your company.Your executives, your top employees, and your entire workforce have understood why these changes were necessary, and have learned to identify themselves with their new organization. This is a result of your people contributing to make this change process happen. They have solved the disputes along the way instead of waiting for them to go away or disappear. They perform with true ownership and feel appropriately perceived as a real person within the organization.

This is the result of successful organizational development.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Architecture of the complete process
  • “Townhall“ meetings
  • Moderation during the change process
  • Workshops at all levels of the company
  • Coaching and conflict mediation
  • Qualification measures
  • Team developments


Human Resource Development

Imagine your employees have the impression that they are working in the right place in the company, at least for the moment. They feel adequately acknowledged by their leaders and are appreciated with the qualities they bring into the organization. They like to use their options for skill development on a regular basis. They experience their trainings as being tailored for them personally and they go home with the feeling that they learned something for both their professional and private lives.

This is what you could expect from a successful human resource development.


Our product portfolio includes:

  • Strategic human resources development
  • Potential analysis
  • Leadership development
  • Development of sales skills
  • Development of management skills
  • Personality development
  • Coaching


What Sets Us Apart

Our competitors also deliver good work. We have asked our customers what sets us apart from our competitors.

Here are some of the points made by our customers.

“They are professional and above all have a very humanistic approach.”
“CONTRACT consultants show up without any know-it-all attitude as we have seen from others.”
“They are just competent and normal.”
“They do not show up with solutions, but ask questions first.”
“They work to eliminate themselves from the process and let our people takeover.”
“They work well together.”
“CONTRACT strives to set the industry standard.”

These responses are reflecting the goals we set for ourselves and show us we are going in the right direction by doing the right thing.

Our core competencies come from us: the people of CONTRACT!