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Call a Coach for Individuals

Coaching supports you in your personal development. Coaching is useful if you need an opportunity to reflect, for instance if you need to evaluate challenges or prepare decisions – in other words, if you want to sort out your thoughts and benefit from an external sparring partner. Coaching supports your self-reflection and self-control, it broadens […]

Change Navigator

What is it about? The Change Navigator is an acute boost in orientation and acting for/in starting change and transformation projects. It supports new adjustment in ongoing projects and processes and sets new impulses. In the key project areas the focus is on sustainably effective solutions. The Change Navigator allows delegates to bring a change case, which they are […]

Navigating a sea of change

When CONTRACT was hired to facilitate a special meeting of a growing multinational organisation’s global leaders, important lessons on change were learned all around. In his rather ominously titled book, The Lucifer Principle, the author Howard Bloom describes an experiment where a large group of children was divided into smaller groups of five or six. […]

Change & Transition

Every change process is unique in its own way; it is determined by the current need for action, by the industry and its environment as well as the people involved. The consultant world responds with a toolbox full of models, methods, and measures that help manage the change process. The problem is the customer easily […]

Change Management – The Magic of Change!

“There is nothing more constant than change” is a saying we already played with as students in university, throwing it back and forth at each other and of course we always thought that the change would lead to the better and that the change is in us. Well, you cannot be right about everything! Today, […]