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Key Player Programs

What is it about? The Key Player Programs cover all the tools and skills that are essential to be a topic leader and expert and lead in the spirit of the leadership principles. The programs contain different formats like f2f classroom/learning lab, virtual onboarding, e-Learning nuggets, online sessions and optional mentoring and/or coaching, hot topic sessions as […]

Management Competencies for Experts

Erweitern sich Ihre Aufgaben? Arbeitsabläufe planen und leiten, Projekte aufsetzen und durchführen, Meetings leiten und zum erfolgreichen Abschluss bringen, den Arbeitsalltag ressourcenorientiert und effektiv gestalten und dabei die eigene Motivation und Work-Life-Balance nicht aus den Augen verlieren –  sind Sie dafür verantwortlich sein? Das erfordert nicht nur fachliches Know-how und Geschick. Managementkompetenzen sind nun gefragt. […]

Human Resource Development

Companies are led by people and come to life as a result of people. Qualified and motivated employees, who work in the right place, are the key to success. Personnel development is a chance to help these employees to acquire the skills and abilities they need to fulfill their tasks well and in a motivated […]