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Our International Programs

International Programs We develop customized programs for global companies. Key Player Programs Leadership Core Performance Programs Talent Programs Pick your focus topics Our References Some examples driven by CONTRACT to get ready for the future. Leadership Program for Daimler AG Leadership Program for United Internet AG Leadership Development for Trivago Leadership Program for Education Foundation […]


To repeatedly reinvent yourself under changing conditions and still to be true to yourself is a critical factor for successful organizations. Change processes are an integral part of our work and take place on many levels. If change processes are allowed to play out on their own, they must be later integrated into organizational routines. […]

Our Team

Consultants with a wide variety of professions, cultures and languages come together here and are developing products, formats, and processes for you and with you. Business development is not a task for management alone, but also a team affair for us. Therefore we are always looking internally for a suitable structure for improvement. Dynamic Product Development […]