Our Team

The Substance of CONTRACT.

Consultants with a wide variety of professions, cultures and languages come together here and are developing products, formats, and processes for you and with you.

Business development is not a task for management alone, but also a team affair for us. Therefore we are always looking internally for a suitable structure for improvement.

Dynamic Product Development

We operate product development and knowledge management utilizing dynamic “Ports of Competence” (PoCs). These are small crews who focus on adding depth to products, developing new products, and optimizing the internal transfer of our products. Our experts are cooperating across multiple locations and even continents in these small crews. This way we are automatically considering diverse perspectives and cultural requirements. Our professional and cultural diversity benefits our customers both in consulting, as well as in training and coaching.

Networking On-Site

In addition to the competence-crews, our consultants are part of a location team. This is where they discuss the corporate development outside of big strategy meetings. It is here that they reflect their personal development and address personal concerns. In this way we strengthen our cooperation and networking, furthermore we create an inspiring, encouraging environment for personal and entrepreneurial initiatives.