Rosanski Martina
Martina Rosanski

From giving answers to asking questions.

Professional experience

  • Chief Executive Officer pro regio AG, Frankfurt – Regional Consulting
  • Since 1995 self-employed as independent business, association and foundation consultant based in Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 12 years trainee, department head and assistant to the management of IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Professional qualifications

  • Training Systemic Organizational Consulting (Wissenschaftliches Institut für Beratung und Kommunikation, Paderborn)
  • Certified Foundation Consultant (Federal Association of German Foundations, Berlin)
  • State certified business economist (Fachschule des Möbelhandels, Cologne)

Focus areas

  • Organizational consulting for non-profit organizations
  • Consulting for associations and foundations in formation and consolidation
  • Management consultancy for micro and small enterprises
  • Conception of independent seminars in consulting
  • Co-author of the book ‘Vom Antworten geben zum Fragen stellen’ – a book for consultants