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CONTRACT - die Unternehmensberatung, die menschlich und wirksam ist.

The CONTRACT KG was founded in 1991. The legal form of our limited partnership makes it clear that we are responsible for our services without “ifs and buts”.

You are facing a challenge; you want to create something new and are looking for a clear path to begin. You want to use your ideas but with professional support to come to the right solution with the desired effect.

We can provide that support for your ideas through a single-day, team development workshop as well as for a multi-day future workshop if you should decide.

Together with you, we work on the right questions and help set the goals. We build the framework and plan a custom made process for you.

On the way to a collective understanding, we will work with you to help launch your ideas. We will follow through so that everyone is actively engaged and all perspectives are considered. Depending on the situation, we help accelerate or slow down the process and provide critical input. We help to keep the focus and set priorities when necessary. With that being said, we will also take care to set the right feeling and mood.

You provide the topic and the goal – we deliver the methods that fit best!