South Africa

In 2009 we started our engagement in Cape Town / South Africa. Judith Haupt and Helene Theron ran our office in the city centre from the very beginning.
We adapted our already successful concepts according to the demands of South African companies – and we showcased how different our approach was and still is in comparison with existing offers.
Vivid interactions play a vital role in our methodology and workshops – and the participants feel that this is instrumental in their professional and personal development.
However – to introduce a completely new approach one needs time, and now a few years later our clients really appreciate the way we work and they value the outcomes.
Within a few short years we were able to educate and develop a very competent team in Cape Town – and the next phase of the story of CONTRACT-SA is ready to begin.
In this phase we will extend our World-of-Contract with the aim to establish the next office in Johannesburg – or Joburg as we say in SA!
It is a new entrepreneurial step driven by the South African management team and supported by the head office in Germany.
In Germany we followed a similar process when we started the Cologne-Office so we know about the obstacles that may occur. To have a presence in an economically strong region and to be close to our clients – these were and are the main motivational reasons.
Even though we are only in the starting phases, our clients have reacted very positively thanks to the convenience of easily scheduled face2face meetings and discussions. Helene Theron – our Head of CONTRACT SA – already received a lot of this positive feedback.

The CONTRACT-Story is evolving and ever growing!

And we would like to mention that we are expanding on the alphabet, from “K” for Karlsruhe, Köln and Kapstadt – to the „J“! – who knows what adventure is next.

More information on our CONTRACT-SA website…

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